Site upgraded and all user registrations processed

The site was updated to the latest version of the software available. And a new theme was implemented with the new version.

All user registrations received before the update were processed: user account activated or registration removed. Please contact us if you have any question about this.

Clean URL problem

Originally when this site was setup with Drupal, the system configuration met the requirements of clean url by Drupal. Later, due to some reason unknown, the system configuration does not meet the requirement any more. The consequence was that the whole sitewas almost down: every address resulted in Error 404. Login as administrator became extremely difficult. The rewrite of URL was a nightmare.

Now, on 10. Dec 2008, clean URL was disabled. The system was basically recovered.

Converting XYJMENU to a book

1. Keep the file structure of XYJMENU

2. Auto Converting
2.1 GB2312 to UTF-8
2.1.1 If the text is in traditional Chinese, but the character set is GB2312, bad conversion
2.2 Path to image: some img tags are not in the same format
2.2.1 img and src are in different lines
2.2.2 Separators (space) in between img and src are not consistent
2.2.3 Single and double quote symbol

3. Manual editing: to solve the problem occurred in Auto Converting

Change log of this site

2. 2008-05-01 Start to convert XYJMENU to a book
1. 2008-04-30 CMS software Drupal installed

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